Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Summerfest 2015 to Feature Linkin Park on June 30 | Ticket King Green Bay

Linkin Park Summerfest “Rap Rockers” Linkin Park will hit the Marcus Amphitheater stage for Summerfest 2015 on June 30. They are the second headline show announced for Summerfest’s ten day run. The band may not be known very well outside their tight knit community, but that community does number in the millions. Linkin Park is touring in support of their sixth album to date.

Warner Brothers records took a shot on Linkin Park, back in 1996. Their first album, titled Hybrid Theory didn’t come out until four years after the band got together.  They made one (huge) lineup change before hitting it big.  Their first singer was replaced by Chester Bennington.  That change seemed to be the final piece of the puzzle. Hybrid Theory sold over 10 million copies, their second best effort to date.

In 2003, the band released Meteora, and that cemented these “Nu Metal/Rap Rock” performers into history. In 16 years, disk sales for that album have surpassed 20 million.  Helping that effort along were songs like “Numb” and “From the Inside.” The band also has a loyal YouTube following. Their videos are well produced, and the band’s sound carries over to the visual medium very well.

Linkin Park takes their time when it comes to producing new material. As mentioned, the band has released just six albums, in sixteen years. Each album seems to stand on its own
, with the band making a serious effort to explore new styles, but maintaining a devotion to their first efforts way back when. The 2014 release of The Hunting Party was mostly the work of Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson. The Linkin Park tour 2015 starts in January, with dates running through mid-February. The summer leg of the tour starts in May, with a show at the “Rock In Reo” venue in Las Vegas.  More tour dates will be announced as the year comes to an end.  

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