Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Packers Parking at Lambeau Field | Ticket King Green Bay Has Parking On NFL Game Days

Packers game day parking
You can see Lambeau Field from our parking lot! 
When heading up to Lambeau Field, one of the many things a Packers fan wants to know is where to park and tailgate. Question number two is often "Can we park and tailgate at the same place?" If you check out our Packers parking options, you will see that we can take care of both of those concerns. The Ticket King Green Bay office is always open on game day, and we're just one block south of the Lambeau Field parking lot.

Ten years ago, our company found a perfect place to put our ticket office.  It was an old doughnut shop that sat just across the road from the Don Hudson center.  The building is small, but the parking lot is large, and Packers tailgate fans love to set up camp in our parking spots.  That's fine with us.  We love the party atmosphere of Green Bay on game day.  When you park in our lot, we won't block you in. With every game, we have parking attendants that guide you to your spot.  For the best spots, it's wise to get to the lot a few hours before the game.  After all, 20 to 30 thousand Packer fans are going to be walking and driving right past your spot. It's a great place to "people watch."  Our office is open well before kickoff, so ticket pick up is easy.

So yes, we are more than your best source for Green Bay Packers tickets.  We're Packers fans as well.

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