Thursday, August 9, 2012

What To Watch For In Tonight's Game

Football is finally here and there are a few keys what to watch for in tonight's pre season game. Watch to see who makes more plays at the right corner back position. Also Tackling will be a big key as well, since last year the packers had issues with that. I'm more interested in how back qb Graham Harrell will preform and I suspect he will do good. Besides those keys I will also be watching how the rookies preform, since the pack drafted basically all defensive players. I know its only pre season but all these keys will become a factor during the regular season. On a lighter note I hope the Chargers wear their powder blue jerseys, I love those. Not to mention they do have some pretty looking cheerleaders over in the San Diego area. Tonight's game will also feature the first female ref/official. I personally think its about time. GO PACK GO!!!

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