Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 Keys to Super Bowl 45

Super Bowl 45 will come down to a few key factors.

  1. Experience (The Steelers have the edge in this with 36 players returning from their 2008 Championship team. The Packers on the other hand have only 2 players that have ever been apart of a Super Bowl. On the other hand the Steelers could be over confident and the experience could work against them.)
  2. Injuries (Will the Steelers starting center miss the game. All signs point to yes, and the Packers will test Doug Legursky early and often. The Packers have weathered the storm of injuries all year and they are coming into the game healthy.If any big name player gets hurt during the game could be a cause for concern for both teams.)
  3. Turnovers (Usually the team that turns the ball over more will usually lose the game.)
  4. One on One match-ups (The Packers have a better offense line and the Steelers have a great line-backing group, that could be a huge match up this Sunday. Packers wide receivers should be able to own the defensives backs. There are a ton of other match-ups that should play into this game.) 
  5. Referees (The refs could have a huge impact on the game. A no call here, a bad call there could be all the difference in the world in this game. Lets hope they call a clean game.)
I'm getting so excited for the game. I found a real nice article about the cheese head. Go Pack Go!!!!

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