Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can Rodgers be better than Favre

I know this sounds crazy but can Aaron Rodgers go down as the best qb in Green Bay Packers history? I know Brett Favre has all the QB records but in Rodgers first two seasons he has out dueled Favre's first two seasons. I know Rodgers didn't start his career right away but i think he will have a better completion rating, less interceptions and better QB rating than Favre. Rodgers will have to play well into his 40's to pass all of Favre's records, but what if the NFL goes to an 18 game regular season? I think he has a shot. If Rodgers wins a Super Bowl I think he puts himself into the same breathe as Favre and Bart Starr. Below is a breakdown of their career so far:
You be the judge?????

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