Friday, March 5, 2010

Brett Favre on Jay Leno

Minnesota Vikings qb Brett Favre was on Jay Leno last night and he still hasn't decided if he will play again next season. He also said he doesn't expect to make an announcment anytime soon. Big surprise, right? Green Bay fans know all too well about Favre and his waffling. Appearing on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” on Thursday night, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback politely demurred when host Jay Leno asked for his thoughts on returning for 2010.
“Well Jay, it’s only been a month, and I know now that I’m just not going to say anything anytime soon, just going to kind of sit back, relax, enjoy the offseason,” Favre said. I personally think Favre will be back next season as qb for the Vikings. Our Green Bay Packers will be ready for him this time. The excitement of seeing #4 in purple has worn off, and our D-line will be gunning for Old Mr. Favre.

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